To Train or Not to Train

Lucy is 20 months old. She tells me multiple times in a day that she has to go potty (actually she says, “poopy”), 9 times out of 10 she goes when she says she needs to. We let her run around without a diaper on Sunday and Monday and she did really great. Then Monday evening, when the Diehl’s came over, she had 3 accidents within an hour. Then Tuesday morning she had a couple of accidents so I put a diaper back on her. Since then she has done fairly well. Today we took my mom to the train station downtown St. Louis. We were about 15 minutes away and Lucy started saying “poopy, poopy.” Since she had a diaper on and we were in the car, I told her to go in the diaper. We dropped my mom off and headed home – off and on Lucy would cry, “poopy, poopy” (again, she doesn’t always mean poopy, but that’s what she says for peepee, too). When we got home about an hour after she first started saying poopy (and about 2 1/2 hours since I put a dry diaper on her), I put Lucy on the potty, her diaper was dry and she went potty. I guess since she was able to hold it when she had to go, I should really potty train her – it is just easier with the diaper.


6 thoughts on “To Train or Not to Train

  1. Agreed. Much easier with the diaper. I say go for it if she’s participating! But the harder part about her being 20 months old is that she can’t pull her pants up and down herself…and that’s so frustrating! Good luck. She’ll probably still be trained before Bennett, though he’s doing a great job! The boy loves his sticker chart.

  2. Wow….sounds like she’s ready. Good luck with that, I’m still trying to hold Donnie off until the summer when I’m home and can be really cocnsistent with it. He’ll be 2 next week, so I know I should really try to do it now….but, like you said diapers are easy!

  3. Your daughters are adorable! Wow girl, you have a beautiful family! I ran across pictures of you a few weeks ago. I feel like I know your family now after spending a little time reading through your blog. I have you bookmarked now, so you officially have another blog stalker :-)So good to find you!

  4. Hi guys! Stumbled across your blog today and, oh my, your girls are beautiful!! I’m so excited to hear that you also have a 20 month old. That’s how old mine is. We’ll have to compare notes. On the potty training front, she’s just not interested. However she loves to say the word “poop” at random inappropriate times. And then point to her crotch. Ahh, mommyhood.

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