Christmas Catch-Up

I think we have officially recovered from our Christmas travels. The trip to Indy was a little rough. Lucy cried off and on for the first half of the trip (2 hours), then we stopped for lunch and let the girls stretch their legs a little. Both girls napped a little – Norah about an hour, Lucy about 30 minutes. Lucy cried off and on the rest of the trip. They watched Elmo Visits the Doctor, but unless Elmo was actually on the screen, she would cry.
We finally made it and the girls had a great time playing with Jackson and Janelle.
We went to church on Christmas Eve and the pastor showed a clip from The Nativity Story. Norah was totally into it. She just stared at the screen with huge eyes, sitting on the edge of her seat. At one point I leaned over to explain something to her and she looked at me and said, “I know mom.” Her tone of voice made her sound much older than she really is.
We came home on Wednesday. Although we had a great time, it is always nice to get home and get back into a normal routine. The girls are enjoying playing with Christmas presents and just hanging out.

Lucy’s Story 1

Yesterday morning, Lucy and I went to Norah’s Christmas party at school. While the kids in the class were eating their snack, Lucy pulled up her own chair to sit next to Norah. She was nibbling on some goldfish when she turns to me and says, “Dip, dip” (which means drink in Lucy language) and I told her that I didn’t bring her cup and that she needs to wait until we get home (really I didn’t want to deal with her drinking juice out of a dixie cup). She got up out of her chair, walked over to the dramatic play area, got out a little plastic cup and brought it back to the table and set it down at her spot.
Obviously, she was thirsty, so I gave her a dixie cup with water. I guess I could have done that to begin with so she didn’t have to pretend to have a drink while all the other kids were drinking juice.

Christmas Cookies!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making cookies! Besides the fact that I have the biggest sweet tooth, I love to share the cookies with others! I love it that I now have a helper!! Let me just say that Norah wasn’t the best at helping with the cut-out cookies because she just wanted to play with the dough. (I actually thought she would like using the cookie cutters – silly me.)
So today we made my favorite – peanut butter blossoms. Our little friend, Macy, came over today to help (she’s 7). Macy was a great helper! Norah enjoyed making these cookies better than the cut-outs because she got to roll them in sugar. Norah rolled 1 cookie to every 4 because she was so busy talking. When the cookies were done baking, they put the chocolate kisses on top. The girls did great!
I also made chocolate cookies with mint frosting. These are also a favorite! Lucy stood at my leg and begged, “Cookie, cookie!”
Tomorrow I am going to dip pretzels in caramel and roll them in pecans and chopped up peanut butter chocolate chips.
Did I say that I love Christmas cookies?!


Our first REAL snow!! The girls played in the snow for awhile this morning! At first, Lucy wasn’t sure she liked being all bundled up, but she sure enjoyed the snow!! Both girls threw fits when we told them to come inside!