Weekend Fun

Kevin and I actually had a date night! It doesn’t happen often, but it was great to get out for a little while. We went to Red Lobster to eat and then met Matt & Nicole Diehl’s at The Old Rock House to listen to the Fundamental Elements play.

We had a great time hanging out with the Diehl’s and listening to the band! It was fun to see Russ Mohr – he sings in Fundamental Elements!

Nicole and I – it doesn’t happen often that we hang out without kids!

Today, Kevin ran in a half marathon in Clayton and I ran with a friend in the 5K. Kevin did great – set a personal best record! The weather was perfect! I am proud of Kevin, but at this time I have no interest in running that far! 3 miles is a great distance for me!!

Since the girls haven’t been feeling great – my mom came down to hang out and watch them.

Lucy has pneumonia and an ear infection and Norah has a bad cough. Both girls need 4 breathing treatments a day until their coughs go away. We are really praying that this is not a start of long term treatments for Lucy. Norah’s asthma and daily treatments are a clue that it may be come to that for Lucy, too.

We are just going to hang out and relax the rest of the day!!! Yay!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. It sounds like you and the Diehls had a great time out. We hang out with the Willmeth’s about once a month, but never without the kids. We need to try a night out with just the adults(hmmm…but what would we talk about). 🙂 I hope the girls get to feeling better.

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