Friday with Friends

Yesterday, the girls and I spent the morning at Aaron & Alisha Cobb’s. Micah is almost 3 months old and so cute. Lucy couldn’t get enough of him! Norah kept busy with a project Alisha had out for her. It is always fun to catch up with friends when we have the chance. We left their house about lunchtime so we met Kevin at First Watch to eat. Eating out is often a challenge, as I have stated inprevious blogs, but yesterday the girls did great! One old man stopped by our table and told us he thought the girls were very well behaved! It is nice to hear that every once in a while.
Norah and Kevin went to the park early this morning, then to Trader Joes, and Kevin’s office. Norah seemed to enjoy her one-on-one time with Kevin.


Okay, here I go with my first Thoughts for Thursday post. Budgets – boring, some-what depressing topic I know, but I’m looking for a little advice. When it comes to a grocery budget, I am really struggling. I have no idea where to begin! I have one friend who spends $80 a week on groceries. I spend anywhere from $80 to $160!! That is quite a difference!! Am I out of control? I meal plan, cut coupons, and watch ads. I think I have things all ready to go and I am not going to overspend, but then I get to Walmart and I start putting things in my cart that are not on my list – sometimes reasonable like bananas, just forgot to put them on the list. Other times things end up in my cart that are just not necessary – Crest Whitestrips, jumbo sidewalk chalk, DVD’s, unhealthy snacks – someone else must put these items in my cart when I’m not looking! I try so hard to stick to my list – I must not have any self-control!!

Anyway, how much is normal to spend on groceries each week? Is $160 totally crazy for a family of 4 (including a 3 year old who eats like a bird and a 15 month old who only eats meat and cheese)? I’ll take suggestions if you have them!!

Our New Niece!!!

We have a new niece! Contessa Isidora Leitch!! Since Max and Denise are in Morton, Illinois we won’t see her for a few days, but my mom says she is beautiful!! She seems to have her mommy’s Latino coloring with curly, jet black hair! Yah!!! After laboring through the night and most of the day, then pushing for 2 hours, Denise had to have a c-section. The doctor cut into her bladder – so her recovery will be longer that usual! Denise wasn’t due until the 17th and her parents are flying in from Chile on Friday. Please pray for a speedy recovery so that she may enjoy her time with her parents. (Since they live so far away, Denise usually only sees her parents every year and a half or so).

Norah is so excited to add cousin number 5 to the family!
I will post pictures as soon as I get some from my parents!!!!

So Corny . . .

Now that it’s been several days since my last post . . . where do I begin? My parents were in town this weekend. Kevin brought home 2 bags of corn on the cob for my mom and I to freeze. We had 120 ears of sweet corn!!!! We ended up with 33 – 3 qt. bags. We get the corn from Theis Farm on Creve Coeur Mill Rd. and it is excellent! Corn is the one vegetable Lucy will eat without me disguising it.

The girls did all they could to keep cool during this heat wave we are having!

The girls played and played with Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Steve. Norah woke up Saturday morning with a fever of 101 degrees. She seems a little nasally, too, so we are doing extra breathing treatments. Blah! She doesn’t like them, but as long as we pop in a DVD she does great! She still has a fever today so we may be making a trip to see Dr. Hanson tomorrow.

My mom, sister, and I went to the Muny last night to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was a great show, but crazy HOT!

I guess since Norah isn’t feeling well, we will be taking it easy for a couple of days!