Our Trip to Morton

Since my jury duty was canceled on Wednesday, the girls and I went to Morton to see Contessa. It is only a 3 hour drive – how bad could it be? It was interesting! Lucy is only taking a morning nap about twice a week and she was due for one on Wednesday morning. Perfect – she would sleep atleast half of the trip. Wrong. She cried off and on the whole trip. I made mutiple stops, but nothing helped. Norah was upset because I didn’t put in the right movie – yes, we have a DVD player for the car! The rule is that she gets to watch one movie on each road trip. Since Lucy was screaming, Norah decided that she should join in. Wow! I was quite frustrated by the time we got to Litchfield and that is only the halfway point! We made it eventually and I was more than happy to hand the girls off to my mom while I ran a couple of errands!

Since we went to Morton to see Contessa, I took quite a few pictures of her. The girls instantly fell in love with her! She is beautiful and she looks just like Denise!
Norah enjoyed talking to Denise’s dad. She practiced her Spanish and he practiced his English. It was very sweet.

While we were in Morton we also went to visit my friend, Janelle, who had a baby about a month ago. Norah took her dolls, knowing that Tobias (22 months old) might not have any. Tobias wanted to play baseball, though. Eventually, they realized that they both love to play chase so they ran around the house chasing and squealing. They had a great time, and on the way home to St. Louis, Norah said, “I wish we could live near Tobias! Wouldn’t it be great if we could walk to his house?” Norah and Tobias posed for a cute picture! The baby, Tehya, was sleeping and Lucy was at Grandma Jackie’s taking a nap.

We went to Eli’s – my cousin Katie’s coffee shop in Morton – on our way out of town today. Norah LOVES her pumpkin apple muffins!!!

Although Norah didn’t fall asleep until we crossed the bridge into St. Charles and Lucy slept the first half hour of the trip, it was relatively uneventful!! The girls were glad to be home – they really missed their daddy!

One thought on “Our Trip to Morton

  1. Car trips with toddlers… ewww. I did NOT enjoy my trip home from St. Louis. 8 hours in the car with an 18 month old… not fun. I’m glad to hear your trip home was pretty uneventful! Contessa is ADORABLE!

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