Sleepy Sunday

After a busy weekend, today has been a lazy Sunday. It’s nice every once in a while to have a day to just lay around! Actually, it isn’t a lazy day for Kevin. He is at a charity golf outing in Warrenton. Muggy day for golf!

Let me catch you all up on our last few days!

Thursday, the girls and I went to Nicole Snyder’s to play and have lunch. A.J. will be 1 on Sept. 3 and my girls loved him. Norah talked about him the entire rest of the day! He was very sweet and didn’t seem to mind my aggressive 1 year old! Nicole and Cory have a dog, and Lucy was quite interested in checking him out. She fell asleep on the way home and when I unbuckled her to get her out of her seat, she woke up kicking her legs (in excitement) and barking! Norah has tried off and on to teach Lucy to bark with no success – I guess the dog was a better teacher!

Friday morning, Sawyer and Savannah Morrison came to play while Heather got ready for Ryan’s surprise 30th birthday party. The kids play great together! Friday evening, the girls, Kevin, and I went to the Morrison’s house for the big party! Ryan was really surprised! Check out the pictures on Heather’s blog! Norah and Lucy went to bed at the Morrison’s and did just as well as last weekend! It was fun to hang out with college friends and make new friends!

Saturday morning, we took the girls to the Botanical Gardens – yes, we crossed the city line! The girls had fun exploring in the Children’s Garden. Lucy thinks she can do everything Norah does! After the morning at the gardens, we headed to Shawn & Shawna’s in South City for lunch. We hadn’t seen Jackson since he broke his arm, and Norah really wanted to see his cast. We also hadn’t seen Janelle in about 2 months – she has really changed! She is 5 months and very happy! The girls definitely enjoyed some much needed time with their cousins!

After going to church today, the girls and I have been sleeping, playing and eating pumpkin bread!

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