Here we go . . . . .

This is my first blog – my brothers will be proud since I am not very computer savvy!

Anyway, with most of our families living out of town, we figured this is a great way to keep everyone updated on our daily adventures! And adventures we will have! Most days we live in the land of princesses (and kings – when Kevin is around). Norah dresses up EVERY day! Oh, yes, we also must dress Lucy up, too!!

My parents were in town today, then headed to my sister’s (she lives in Barnhart, Mo – about an hour from here). The girls and I went out to lunch with them. Norah was great and loved every minute of it – especially the ice cream Grandpa Steve gave her. Lucy, however, is not at the best age to eat out. She throws the food she doesn’t like – which drove Grandpa crazy – and screeches when someone else has something she wants (like ice cream). For these reasons, Kevin and I prefer carry out!!

Please feel free to make comments as I add posts!!


5 thoughts on “Here we go . . . . .

  1. Hello, Swinigans! I look forward to keeping up with you all through your blog! While you’re busy with your beautiful princesses, we’ve got trains, bugs, and rock bands going on here!

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